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Delivering California's Best Foods Nationwide for just a $5 Shipping Fee
September 20, 2022
Chris Clark, Co-Founder

Hi there! I'm Chris and I co-founded Locale 2 years ago. I'm always working on new ways to help customers discover new, tasty food and for our amazing vendors reach more customers. I'm so excited to announce that starting today, we'll be shipping food from California's most iconic restaurants and bakeries all across the country. Read more below.

Shop from 20+ iconic vendors, all delivered together for just a $5 delivery fee

Mix and match from as many vendors as you like. The $5 delivery fee will never go up, no matter where you ship to. The only requirement is a $90 min order, but you'll be surprised at how easy that is to get to with how much tasty food we have!

The best food gifts for friends, wherever they live

Give your friends a taste of your favorite California foods, no matter how far away they are! Browse our gifting category to get ideas on food gifts that everyone will love.

New vendors and products added weekly

We add new products and vendors every Friday. Most new items will sell out quickly or are only visiting for a limited time, so be sure to check in often!

I hope that with nationwide shipping, we're able to improve the life's of even more customers and vendors. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please email me at [email protected] with any feedback or suggestions you have. We're always looking to improve.

Chris Clark

Locale Co-Founder

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